Shopping in the City of Gulf Shores

Shopping in the City of Gulf ShoresThe retail and shopping industry throughout Gulf Shores, AL has much to offer. You will find that there are plentiful options for shopping throughout the community. Filled with many unique boutiques aimed at residents and visitors to the area alike, many shops target the beach and golf activities that the Gulf Shores region is best known for.

The following is a small listing of the diverse retail and shopping centers you will find throughout Gulf Shores, AL.

Animals and Pet Supplies - Shops that specialize in pet purchases and supplies.

Magnolia Small Animal Clinic - 19930 Oak Road

Appliances - Appliance shops that offer all types of household appliance, replacement parts and services.

Five T's Appliance & Refrigeration - 217 E 23rd Avenue. - Children's Clothing - Boutiques that offer clothing for children in modern styles.

Maravelle's - 1308 Gulf Shores Parkway

Charity and Thrift Shops - Secondhand shops that offer used clothing and household goods at affordable prices.

Holy Spirit Thrift Shop - 3865 Gulf Shores Parkway

Fish and Seafood - there are many options when shopping for seafood throughout the Gulf Shores community. Most of the products that can be purchased from these various retailers have been caught fresh in local waters.

Boudreaux's Fresh Seafood - 807 Gulf Shores Parkway,1154 W Beach Boulevard

Blalock Seafood and Specialty - 1911 Gulf Shores Parkway

Fresh Market Seafood - 15849 State Highway 180

Gulf Shores Seafood - 921 Gulf Shores Parkway

Gulf Island Grill - 244 E Beach Boulevard

Big O's Seafood Grill - 1209 Gulf Shores Parkway

Flea Markets - The Gulf Shores area features a large outdoor flea market that is located along the beach. You can sign up for space to sell your products by visiting the Beach Bazaar Office. You can also contact this office for information concerning hours of operation.

Beach Bazaar Office - 301 Gulf Shores Parkway

Grocers and Supermarkets - the Gulf Shores area has many different locally owned grocery stores and larger big box supermarkets.

Pier 33 - 900 W Beach Boulevard

Bruno's - 1545 Gulf Shores Parkway

Signs and Interior Decor - Shops including Custom Neon selling cheap home decor, wall art, lamps and neon light signs.

Waves Grocery and Package Store - 1154 W Beach Boulevard

Publix Super Market - 160 Cotton Creek Drive

Winn-Dixie - 1720 Gulf Shores Parkway

Plaza West Grocery - 5160 State Highway 180

Wal-Mart Supercenter - 170 E Fort Morgan Road

Gulf Shores Yacht Club and Marina - 1577 State Highway 180

Waves Grocery and Package Store - 1154 W Beach Boulevard

Health Food Shops - Shops that offer nutrition based vitamins, care products, and natural foods.

Island Oasis - 3800 Gulf Shores Parkway

Smoothie King - 229 E 20th Avenue

Jewelers - Shops that specialize in various types of fine jewelry and jewelry making supplies.

Blue Girl Beading Company - 2200 E 2nd Street

Robert F Schell jewelers - 1556 Gulf Shores Parkway

Diamond Jewelers - 108 E 20th Avenue

Kay Jewelers - 3800 Gulf Shores Parkway

Lighting - Stores that specialize in lighting for the home.

Green Electric - 5254 Beatrice Road

Paint, Wallpaper, and Wall Coverings - Interior design shops that sell products for decorating the home.

Wall to Wall Interiors, Inc. - 1532 Gulf Shores Parkway

Party Supplies - Shops that specialize in party supplies, weddings, and other events taking place throughout Gulf Shores.

Gulf Shores Wedding and Party Supply - 1308 Gulf Shores Parkway

A Specialty Bakery and Party Shop - 217 E 16th Avenue

Ike's Beach Services, Inc. - 800 W Beach Boulevard

Shoes - Specialty shoe shops throughout the community.

Shoe Department - 3800 Gulf Shores Parkway

Hibbett Sports - 3800 Gulf Shores Parkway

Clothing and Accessories - Shops including high end fashion boutiques, specialty clothing stores, and shopping centers focused on diverse fashion styles.

Alabama Surf Style - 102 E Beach Boulevard, 101 W Beach Boulevard, 400 E Beach Boulevard, 401 Gulf Shores Parkway

Scarlet Begonias - 624 E 21st Avenue

Beach House Boutique - 3800 Gulf Shores Parkway

Inner Light Surf - 3800 Gulf Shores Parkway

Malls and Shopping Centers - Gulf Shores Shopping Center, 1501 Gulf Shores Parkway

Colonial Pinnacle Craft Farms - 3800 Gulf Shores Parkways

Flowers and Plants - Flowers by the Shore, 1316 Gulf Shores Parkway

Sporting Goods - Shops that specialize in products for the active lifestyle. These shops are ideal for purchasing clothing or accessories for the various beach and golf activities available in the Gulf Shores area.

Down Under Dive Shop LLC - 1129 Gulf Shores Parkway

McDonough Firearms - 3259 Gulf Shores Parkway

Beach Bike Rental - PO Box 1943

Hibbett Sports - 3800 Gulf Shores Parkway

Pro Golf Discount - 3757 Gulf Shores Parkway

Blonde John's Surf and Skate - 200 Gulf Shores Parkway

Whatever type of retail or shopping center you are seeking you are sure to find it available in the Gulf Shores, AL community. The Tanger Outlet Mall has many specialty and big name retail shops available to meet the needs of residents and visitors to the area alike.